Add Security Functions to Your Industrial Network with Phoenix Contact's mGuard

Robin Daughtry | April 2nd, 2012

Phoenix Contact mGuard

Router - VPN - Firewall

Phoenix Contact's FL mGuard line is a great solution for adding higher level Layer 3 Ethernet network & security functions plus secure remote connectivity to your industrial application.  It's rugged and industrially rated security devices whose main functions include: stateful firewall, routing, NAT'ing and VPN.

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Available in DIN rail-mount (RS version) and PCI card version for integration into industrial PCs.  The RS has variants including a router-only version, as well as models with integrated analog modems or ISDN connections.

phoenix contact mguard

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard key applications:

  • NAT router applications
  • Secure remote connectivity
  • Industrial network security

FL mGuard RS

Industrially rated, DIN-mounted with variants for analog modem, VPN, ISDN and router only.  Provides stateul firewall protection, network routing, NAT address translation and support for a host of IT networking protocols (DHCP, DNS, QoS, VLANs.  VPN feature supports IPSec, L2TP and PPTP connections, plus x.509 certificate and PSK authentication and DES, 3DES and AES encryption. An integrated analog modem or ISDN modem are option on this model.

Phoenix Contact mGuard RS

FL mGuard GT/GT

Provides gigabit and fiber support for industrial router, industrial firewall protection and industrial VPN - provide secure remote connectivity and support for several standard encryption and authentication combinations. Supports both 10/100 and gigabit speeds and with SFP modules can connect to single-mode, multimode or long haul fiber.  Provides stateful firewall protection, network routing, NAT address translation, optional VPN capabilities and support IT networking protocols including, DHCP, DNS, QoS and VLANs.

phoenix contact mguard

FL mGuard PCI

Network card with VPN and firewall capabilities needed to protect your industrial PC.  Fits into standard 32 bit PCI slots in a PC.  It can work in either a 3.3V or 5 V slot without a problem or without reconfiguration, and a jumper on the card sets whether or nit it will be managed by the OS or independently of the OS.  Provides stateful firewall protection, support for NAT routing and comes with either a 266 MHz or 533 MHz dedicated processor.

phoenix contact mguard pci

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