Need a Stocking Stuffer? How about Red Lion's ProducTVity Station?!

Robin Daughtry | November 30th, 2011

Save Thousands of Dollars over Packaged Industrial Displays!

Transform a standard consumer TV into a versatile, real-time KPI production scoreboard and Andon system with Red Lion's red hot ProducTVity Station. Plus, send real-time displays or text alerts to your mobile device. This capability takes real-time performance monitoring for the factory floor to an entire new level.

Create your own full-featured, real-time productivy scoreboards in minutes using any consumer model LED/LCD or plasma TV and get unprecedented capabilities. Fast and easy connectivity to your machines with unlimited possibilities including:

  • Complete performance metrics: KPI, Takt, OEE/TEEP
  • Flow monitoring: line status, calls, maintenance
  • Production smoothing: Heijunka, Kanban
  • Andon: events, alerts, downtime timers
  • Communication & Web: messaging, news, break timers
  • Safety: scoreboards, messaging, reminders
  • Operator guidance: picking, assembly

Virtually unlimited capabilities for displaying a host of production metrics, trends, alerts,
messages, scheduling, guidance and more!

Collect and display KPIs on any TV in just minutes

  • Built-in communications drivers and protocol conversion let you interface to most PLCs, drives, motion controllers and other automation equipment
  • Automatically page between multiple screens of KPI, trends, Andon, messaging and more
  • Requires no dedicated PCs, SCADA or OPC Server
  • Powerful programming capabilities with included Crimson software lets you customize solutions to your exact requirements or as needs change
  • Works with any brand or size of modern TV, monitor or projector
  • Completely internet-ready with built-in Web and FTP servers for remote access control
  • Create the versatile system you want at a fraction of the cost of inflexible industrial scoreboard solutions
  • Easily duplicate information on multiple TVs with common signal splitters

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